‘If the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?’
No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise (via wethinkwedream)

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Let me preface this by saying that I truly apologize if this comes off as creepy, but I wanted to thank you for introducing me to some of the best books I've ever read. I stumbled across your Twitter a few years ago, and without you, I never would have started reading John Green or E. Lockhart, and for those two authors alone, I feel forever in your debt. So I just wanted to say thank you for that. Also that I agree with your feelings on Eleanor & Park.

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Hiii soo let me preface this by saying I never check my messages and I had no idea this was sitting in here or for how long. This is probably one of the most awesome messages I’ve gotten on here. I’m super stoked to hear you’ve become a fan of those authors. They have been life changers for me so I’m glad to hear someone else enjoys them too. Since we clearly have similar taste, feel free to shoot me any suggestions you come across for good reads :) And yeah, Eleanor needs to perkkk the eff up!

**Edit: when I started this with “let me preface this by saying” I hadn’t realized you had done the same haha. Creeeepy!

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LXXI - Pablo Neruda

You and I searched for a wide valley, for another planet
where the salt wouldn’t touch your hair,
where sorrows couldn’t grow because of anything I did,
where bread could live and not grow old.

A planet entwined with vistas and foliage,
a plain, a rock, hard and unoccupied:
we wanted to build a strong nest

with our own hands, without hurt or harm or speech,
but love was not like that: love was a lunatic city
with crowds of people blanching on their balconies.

Life has a gap in it. It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic.

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Take this Waltz

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And The Mountains Echoed

"Adel felt an awakening to this other, more troubling part of himself. The part of him that over time would gradually, almost imperceptibly, accept this new identity that at present prickled like a wet wool sweater. Adel saw that, in the end, he would probably accept things as his mother had. Adel had been angry with her at first; he was more forgiving now. Perhaps she had accepted out of fear of her husband. Or as a bargain for the life of luxury she led. Mostly, Adel suspected, she had accepted for the same reason he would: because she had to. What choice was there? Adel could not run from his life any more than Gholam could run from his. People learned to live with the most unimaginable things."

— Khaled Hosseini

I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose loyalty is stronger than blood.

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